Loving him

He is a bunny for heaven's sake! Who does not love bunnies? Ok, kidding. Actually along with Jack he is my favorite. He caught my eye already from the trailer when I saw it before the movie came out.

I got hooked on him from the first moment I saw him, you know when he arrives to the North Pole, jumps out of his tunnel and then shivers because it’s cold.

Now what actually is that I like with the ma... with rabbit. Aside how good is Jackman at giving him the voice, and how good the animation is? Well, ... let's see.

He is the bringer of hope and spring, it shows how he loves the children, and how hardworking he is, but on the other side, even if he loves the children, he really doesn't know how to interact with them, the best scene is when Sophie invades his warren and he says "Somebody do something", because he actually doesn't know what the hell to do. And it's hilarious, the faces his makes, but then after Jack uses his fun snowflake, he shows that he has it in him, he knows how to act around children, he just forgot, because of too much work, it's somehow like parents you know, when they work too much and don't have time to dedicate to their children and then when they have to interact with them, it just leads to awkward moments. And that's how Bunny is.

I love how he isn't perfect, he is collected and zen, but North and Jack know how to push his buttons, while with North he doesn't really gets angry, with Jack is another thing, because he doesn't trust him, and actually doesn't really get that Jack is just seeking attention, because he's lonely. And he loses it when the googies go destroyed and he lost Easter, he takes it on Jack, even if it's not Jack's fault, he just needs there to be someone to take the fault.

But even if he has this thing, he still cares for Jack, from the beginning somehow, for example when he thinks Jack has fallen off the sleigh.

He isn't afraid of admitting being wrong and saying thank you, one of the best scenes with him, is when Jamie tells him that Jack made the boy keep believing in Easter bunny, and when Bunny looks at Jack in that adorable small fluffy form... and smiles, I cried, because there are no need of saying it, because a smile speaks more than words, when it's sincere.

I love his way of combat, it's unusual and it's a real pleasure to watch, and how they make him move, he can stay on all fours or on two legs, and he always keeps his being cool, because he is.