Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny, or also known as Easter hare myth originated among German Lutherans and is a rabbit-creature that brings eggs. The first idea of this creature was that of a judge, almost like Santa Claus, just that Easter bunny evaluated the children’s behavior (good or bad) in the eve of Easter season also known as Eastertide. The Easter Bunny carries a basket full of colored eggs, toys and chocolate, and sometimes he even wears clothes.

Why did they choose a rabbit/hare for this special task? Because naturally, in the past they believed that a hare was a hermaphrodite, and that it could reproduce without losing it’s virginity, which lead to the association with Virgin Mary.

Now another thing is Easter is about spring, rebirth, and similar no? Eggs and rabbits can represent both, because we are talking about fertility here, don’t we? Both are the symbols of March Equinox and the fact that the nature is coming back to life. Birds are the ones who lay eggs, and birds also represent spring, and on the other hand rabbits are known for their fertility, did you know that a hare can get pregnant while is already pregnant??? How do you beat this kind of fertility???