Basics and Appearance

Name: E.Aster Bunnymund
Race: Pooka
Occupation: Easter Bunny, Guardian of Hope, Guardian of Candy Eggs (book)
Color: Green
Special Power: super speed (book)
Known for: his mastery for martial arts and his Zen sense of humor (book)

Movie Bunnymund:
First of all, he is a huge rabbit. Mostly his fur is grey-blue color, while his shoulders and tummy are more white-gray in color. He has two thick black eyebrows and his eyes are emerald green, or spring green. On his forehead, chest and his shoulders also he has this kind of tribal drawings in darker grey-blue color, probably something to do with him being pooka.

On both arms he wears brown leather made gauntlets that are decorated with various stones and cravings, while in the middle there is a yellow egg-shaped stone. And he also has this kind of belt, that he uses to carry his boomerangs on his back, and when it’s time to combat, on the front he adds his egg bombs. And as a finish on his big rabbit feet, instead of shoes he has tied leader strings, similar to ones that keep his gauntlets on his arms.

Book Bunny:
The Bunnymund from Guardians of Childhood is brown in color, and we can’t actually see his body, because he wears clothes. His muzzle is white, but the eyes are hidden behind his green egg-shaped glasses.

Now for the clothes, I don’t know how to call that thing he has on. It’s some kind of robe. The main predominant color is green (it’s his favorite color), and there are abstract shapes in a darker green on it. On the chest there are four yellow egg-shaped buttons. The high collar is red, and there are also two yellow shaped buttons on it. Then around his waist there is purple stash on which there are four brown pouches (probably to have his special chocolates in it). He also has a red apron with a yellow border. Half of his sleeves are in probably more rougher material in dark green color (or maybe those ar gauntlets) which also have a yellow-gold border, with ornaments of same color.

Normally he carries a staff, which has an egg on the tip.